Present in Art

Shells and Sarcophagus

Pictures of germinating work in progress vegetals. 2006.

The Shell and Sarcophagus project has been linked to many interpretations, from ecology to political, from demonstration of Nature's force to denouncing abusive emprisonment.

“Shells” is a project about struggle, life and perseverance.

Through these sculptures emulating shells, the artist directs the audience’s attention towards the struggle of the potato to germ while encased in a shell that functions at the same time as a protective armour and as a prison, a border, a constraint of growth.

An armour that protects from the outside world is as well a prison in which any hope of evolution is forbidden, a command to stay still and unaware.

The potato must find the strength inside itself to germ and break the shell, otherwise it will either dessicate like a mummy, or rot and die. The struggle is real and absolute.