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Sextoy workshop

Venue: In the exhibition of Chris Chan. 1a space, HK.

Art event-Sex toy workshop-Part 1 from Wai Yim WONG on Vimeo.

After the previous art events: “A story for a story”, “Murmur”, Artist WONG Wai Yim would like to create a continuous project in the idea of exchanging stories. It is about the “sex toy story”.

In conversation with friends in Hong Kong, artist found that many people never went to sex shop and never bought sex toy. Some of them don’t have idea to buy, or don’t know where to buy, or never masturbated. Artist wonders for this “hypothesis”. So, let’s share all those stories in a party and let’s re-acknowledge our body!

Workshop 1: Sharing Party.

Date and Time: 22 March 2013, 7-10p.m.?Number of Participant: Max. 25 persons (Men and Women. Participant must be aged 18 or above.)?Venue: 1a space, Unit 14, Cattle Depot Artist village 63 Ma Tau Kok Road, To Kwa Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Invite participants to share their experience of sex toys:
1. Where to buy? How to choose? How to use? Why to use it? What’s the 1st time? How and why?
2. No experience in sex toy? Never use? Never use sex toys with partners? Never masturbate? How and why?
They can bring their sex toys to tell their sex “toy story”.
Workshop 2: Outing - Visit the sex shops in Hong Kong.
Date and Time: 28 March 2013, 7-8pm.
Number of Participant: Max. 5 persons. (Men and Women. Participant must be aged 18 or above.)
Share experience after the outing. 

Sex toys sponsorship: King Cyber Limited.


性 玩具工作坊—黃 懷 琰.
場地:1a空間。於 Chris Chan 個 展同 場展出。

自 〈A story for a story〉及〈Murmur〉藝術項目後,藝術家黃懷琰將展開另一 個延 續項 目,關於性玩具的交換故事。

藝 術家與香港朋友對談當中,發現大 部份人從未到過性商店,亦從未購買過性玩具。部份人更沒有想過去購買或知道產品的銷售地點,更未嘗試過手淫。藝術家對此現象感到驚歎,希望借 著此項目讓我們一同分享故事,重新認識我們的身體吧。 


日 期及時間2013年3月22日,下午7時至10時


誠 邀參加者分享使用性玩具的經驗。

1. 哪裡買到?如何選擇?如何使用?為什麼 要使 用它 呢?是否第一次使用?如何和為什麼呢?

2. 無使用性玩具的經驗?從未使用?從未與 另一 半使 用性玩具?從不手淫?如何和為什麼呢?

參 加者可攜同他們的性玩具去分享其故事。


日 期及時間:2013年3月28日,下午7時至8時


性玩具贊助: King Cyber Limited.