Present in Art

42 mirrors

4 March 2016, Friday.

Do you like to be one of those 42 mirrors to reflect the other’s real images?

I would like to invite 41 participants. And I, we are 42 people, just like to join a Waltz deluxe party. Wearing as beautiful as exactly you are! The floor will be covered by a special texture. We will be standing there with bare feet.

Music starts, we turn and turn, music stops. You have to describe that person who will be in front of you, from head to toe, to describe that person as detail as you can: The appearance, the impression, your feeling, etc. And your partner also does the same to you. (No matter what languages! No matter if you understand or not!)

The person who’s in front of you is like a mirror. You could have 41 times to be mirror and 41 times reflected by the others! You might be surprise. Perhaps there’re 41 different versions of you when other people how to see you.

Event created by: Wong Wai Yim,
Performers: Wong Wai Yim, Wu Zi, Pang Jing and you.
Technician: Lam Siu
DJ: Sei Ryu / Riz Yu
Photographer / cameraman: Gary / Yung Sin Ting
Presenter: Philippe Charmes
Receptionist & Facilitator: Dora
Helpers: CUSUS students